"Hi, my Name is Tarun Gill and I want to 
welcome you on the TG Academy Website!

On this Website I want to reveal to you my proven step-by-step Method
to gain at least 5KG of defined Muscles in the next 12 Weeks!

You will not need to cut down on your
food nor your need to train like an animal!

Before we get started:
This is not a Guidance which promises 
Muscle Gains without doing anything!

The System which I want to share with you,
works very well for me and my clients.

The System works out for people who are
committed to change something in their life.
This text is for you if you are ready to put
in consistent work.If you are not willing to
put in the time and commitment that it takes,
do not waste your time and do not continue reading..

I am going to share my knowledge with you so that you can set yourself up to gain massive amounts of muscles in the next weeks.

Before I get into that, let me share a little bit about myself.
First -
I am not one of these Internet Gurus that hides behind
his Computer Screen only and has those amazing and very
promising presentations about insane and
unrealistic amounts of muscles gains or fat-losses of his clients.

I am a real Person helping and consulting real People
everyday to gain Muscles through conscious Nutrition,
Supplementation and Training.

I am India’s leading Fitness Influencer and Entrepreneur.
I am also India’s biggest Fitness YouTuber with over
300.000 Subscribers, the owner of a fitness supplement
company and the founder of India’s first free Fitness Magazin.

In this Article I want to be as open and as transparent as possible about how you can gain 5KG of muscles in the next 12 Weeks and about the factors that are constantly holding back your muscle gains.

I have been doing Fitness for more than 15 years
and have done every Diet you could imagine,
tried every single Training Method from lifting
heavy with little Reps to lifting light with high Reps etc.

Not only me but also my Clients have had great results
throughout the years. I have trained nearly every
Bollywood Actor in India and consulted thousands of
Clients throughout the years.

With the right training method, the right knowledge
about nutrition, supplementation and training you can
make visible muscles gains in NO time!

The biggest problem I see in the fitness industry is,
that there is WAY to much information floating around
of which you can make no use of because It is not
applicable to your lifestyle, your body type,
your life’s rhythm or to everything I just mentioned.

By reading through hundreds of Fitness Books,
meeting up and exchanging thoughts with the top
Fitness Models and Coaches around the world I have
collected a crucial base of simple and applicable knowledge
which I want to share with you today.

You don’t have to be a Nutritionist or a Fitness Trainer
to get fit. All it needs is a solid base of simple
knowledge about Nutrition, Supplementation and
Training in order to make visible Gains in no time.

You do not even need to go to a Gym in order to get fit.
I am going to share with you my TOP 3 most crucial points
to look after when you wanting to gain solid Muscles.

Before that, I want to share my personal Fitness Story with you:
I was never perfect, right from childhood,
I had the well known problem of male boobs.
Trust me I tried everything I could to fix this
issue but no one was of any help to me.

I tried every Supplement on the market,
followed every diet plan and trained like crazy.

Seeing perfect bodies on the cover of Fitness
Magazines was incredibly frustrating to me.
This Frustration lead to..

• low self-confidence,
• A poor self-image,
•Me always hiding my chest / upper body,
• Wearing lose clothes..

One day I decided to fix this issue by putting
in the time and effort in order to find out what
works for me. With years of research and hard work,
I can proudly say that I managed to fix my upper
chests fat by seventy percent.

Now I can choose my own Clothes,
and wear what I always wanted to wear
but most importantly this new body has
given me the confidence to achieve what
I always wanted to. I created TG Connect
- an event platform for Fitness Athletes.

I launched a Fitness Magazine and a profitable
Supplement Online Business. Everybody wants to
feel and be fit, feel comfortable with taking his shirt of.

Slowly but steadily people are realizing that,
if they want to excel in life, if they want to
be the best version of themselves they need
to not only feed the mind but
also take care of their body.

Through my knowledge and help, my clients
were able to gain massive amounts of Muscles
and get the defined Muscular Look they always
wanted to achieve.

Through my YouTube Channel
I reached over 35 MILLION Fitness
Enthusiasts in less than a year.

As I said before I feel like the only thing that keeps
most people from getting fit is not their Motivation,
neither is it their Nutrition or how hard they train.

It is, that there is way to much inapplicable Knowledge
on the Internet and in books, which is not useful to the
average fitness enthusiast. Having realized that I decided
to put all of my Knowledge and Experience in an

The 12 Week Muscle Gain Programm

that includes all the needed Information around Training,
Nutrition and Supplementation in order to help you
reach your goal of gaining solid amounts of defined
muscles every month. The Fitness Program contains
the most important Information of my
15 Year Fitness Experience.

What you get in my "12 Week Muscle Gain Programm":


  educating you STEP BY STEP about Training,
  Nutrition and correct  Supplementation.

- Every topic is easily and step-by-step explained to equip
you with all the Knowledge you need to become your
own Fitness Trainer and to pack on loads of
Muscles in no matter of time.


- 10 Bonus Modules

Videos talking about Steroids and my
Experiences with them
- a topic with is rarely spoken about in the Fitness Industry.


- Motivation Videos and exclusive Knowledge
about different Body Types..

which usually only Fitness Trainers know about.


Useful further Information

-It also includes the most useful Links from online in order
to provide you even more Knowledge around Fitness.


All Knowledge you will ever need to grow a strong
and sexy Body is right there!


Exclusive Facebook Group

As a member of the „10 Week Muscle Gain“ Program you also get EXCLUSIVE ACCES to our secret Facebook Group where you can share your experiences and muscles gains with me and hundreds of other members that have already completed the course and that are constantly making solid muscles gains!

We will answer your questions, give you tips on your training or Feedback and help you succeed on your way to your dream body.

My „10 Week Muscle Gain“ Program is BY FAR the
most detailed and easiest to follow Video Course out there.
There is no other indian Fitness Program / E-Book or anything
else that nearly comes close to the detailedness of this course.

And in Case you are not happy with your Coaching..
I'll give you a 100% money back Guarantee

If you are not sure about the product:
I promise a 14 day 100% Money Back Guarantee in case
you are not happy with it. Just text my support on
tarungillfitness.com and you will get your money back.

We have put in incredibly much time into this program
and created the best high quality 4k content I've
ever recorded. All my tricks and secrets to muscle gains,
fat loss and motivation which worked for me in the
past years are in this course.

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